Federatia Organizatiilor Neguvernamentale pentru Dezvoltare din Romania

Romanian Development Camp

2017 Edition

UPDATE: The Final Report of the 2017 Romanian Development Camp is available for consultation here.

Powerpoint presentations screened during the event:

The 10th edition of the Romanian Development Camp took place at Impact Hub - Timpuri Noi (Bucharest), between the 4th and 6th of September 2017.

The event with the title "Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Are we on the right track?" aimed at increasing the awareness and facilitating a national debate on the 2030 Agenda; monitoring the current status of the implementation of the SDGs at national and international level; assessing the most relevant challenges and opportunities in putting into practice the global agenda on sustainable development; and fostering the exchange of best practices on innovative projects within this global framework.

After the adoption of the global agenda on sustainable development and the commitment of the 193 countries to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all, the most important step is to take action and put into practice these commitments made in 2015. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) reflect the world in which all of us would like to live and their achievement will not be possible without everyone's engagement and support. Moreover, the recently adopted European Consensus on Development set out a strategic framework for achieving the SDGs and introduces the main principles to be considered by the European Union and its member states in their allocations of the official development assistance (ODA) and cooperation with developing countries over the next 15 years.This complex and challenging global context make us ask ourselves: are we on the right track?

The updated draft agenda of the event is available here.

Moreover, those interested can find out how to reach the new Impact Hub headquarters by consulting this map.


The Romanian Development Camp is already a brand event for the national development community, attended by representatives of line ministries from Romania, of state partners’ governments, of the nongovernmental sector, academic sphere, media etc. The event is an opportunity for debate and for facilitating interaction with experts and especially with representatives from state partners. Some of the issues discussed include: the revision of the national development cooperation strategy, the consultation of the national community regarding the new development cooperation law, the new post-2015 global agenda (the Sustainable Development Goals) and the European Year of Development (2015).

The event is organized with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and since 2010 it has been organized by FOND in partnership with UNDP Romania


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