Federatia Organizatiilor Neguvernamentale pentru Dezvoltare din Romania

Opportunities in Romania – General presentation

1.European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps - pilot project coordinated in Romania by Pro Vobis

2.European Voluntary Service - a project of the European Commission which allows young people, aged 18-30,  to be volunteers for a determined period of time (usually between 2 and 12 months), in a specific country, through Erasmus +.

3.International volunteering working camp (short and medium camps) in countries such as Asia, Africa or Latin America.

Service Civil International Romania (SCI-RO) is a non-governmental volunteering association, founded in 1993. Some of its main activities include international volunteering camps, international seminars, national and international campaigns.

4. Global Citizen – AIESEC is an international volunteering programme. You have the opportunity to travel to almost any part of the world (Europe, Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco) for 6 weeks to experience a totally new culture, concentrating on your personal development through activities based on social responsibility. You can find projects of various themes: environment, healthcare, education, culture and NGOs development.


Student or Graduate of a higher education institution for maximum 2 years.

Age between 18 and 29 years.

Knowledge of English language at the conversational level

Willing to have an international experience.

AIESEC is an international, independent, non-profit and politically non-affiliated organization, led by students and recent graduates of higher education institutions. Its members are interested in subjects such as global issues, leadership and management.

5. L'Association Francaise des Volontaires du Progres (AFVP) is an organization founded in 1963 which recruits and forms volunteers in the international solidarity field.

This offers to young people the possibility of having a professional, cultural, humanitarian experience of 2 years in a developing country.

More information about the mission of the association and also about the steps towards becoming an international volunteer in an underprivileged country can be found here.

6. VSO - Voluntary Service Overseas (UK) is an international development organization with its main headquarters in the United Kingdom, with more than 50 years of experience in sending professionals in various domains in developing countries from Africa and Asia.

VSO gives professionals who are willing to share their expertise with colleagues from organizations, governmental institutions, education or healthcare the opportunity of volunteering, mostly for 1-2 years in order to help to offer more efficient programmes and services to vulnerable people. Participation to this programme is based strictly on selection and it does not include any kind of application fee. During the volunteering period, all expenses of the volunteers are ensured by VSO, within the limits of a simple standard of living and in accordance with the local living conditions from the placement country. For more details, access www.voluntariat/ro/vso or directly www.vso.org.uk


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