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International Volunteering

Volunteering is a public interest activity, freely initiatied by any individual in the benefit of others, without receiving any material compensation; the public interest activities are: social assistance and services, human rights protection, education, humanitarian aid etc.


International volunteers can activate in developing countries, in the benefit of vulnerable individuals, thus contributing through their activities at the improvement of the level of education, social development within the specific countries.

Volunteering represents an important component in the international development cooperation framework.

In 2001, the General Assembly of the UNO recommended governments to recognize the potential in which volunteering actions contribute to the process of reaching the development sustainable goals. After this, several recommendations for the governements were elaborated, as to ‘’Extend the notion of volunteerism as an additional valuable component of national development planning to development cooperation policy. Recognizing and building strategically on rich, local traditions of voluntary self-help and mutual aid can open the way to building up a new constituency in support of development efforts. Forging a link in the mind of the general public in countries providing development assistance between domestic volunteering in those countries and volunteering in countries receiving assistance can also help enlist public support for development cooperation’’

“State of the world’s volunteerism report” – UN 2011 Report


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