Federatia Organizatiilor Neguvernamentale pentru Dezvoltare din Romania

Policy Advocacy Working Group

Adriana Zaharia (part of FOND Executive Team) is the coordinator of this WG.

The objectives of the Policy & Advocacy WG:

·   Influencing the political debate and the policy formulation/projects concerning international development cooperation in Romania

·    Increasing the legitimacy and promoting the interests of FOND member organizations as strategic partners of the Romanian state by influencing development cooperation policies that have an impact on nongovernmental organizations and supporting the NGO access to the public financing from the official development assistance.

The role of the Policy & Advocacy WG:

- To act as a consulting group on development cooperation policies for the FOND Board

- To identify new initiatives and themes, to make proposals and to identify capacities within FOND that are to be promoted as part of the FOND strategy

- To bring conceptual clarification and to offer a strategic direction for FOND

- To create a place for learning, monitoring and evaluation.

The main activities of the WG:

- facilitating the information exchange during the meetings, events and promoting the debates on development cooperation themes;

- preparing common positions with FOND members and follow-up with relevant institutional actors;

- coordinating common positions and joint activities when necessary;

- monitoring policies, legislation at national and European level.

The role of the WG is to analyze, react and comment on the recommended processes, proposals and measures by the relevant actors in the field, to elaborate FOND positions and to discuss with relevant actors (Government, the Parliament). The next step of the consultations are followed by FOND’s lobby activities, planned in coordination with the Board members, executive team and with the other working groups and, when necessary, in cooperation with other national and European networks and platforms. 

The main themes of interest:

-The national development cooperation strategy (thematic and geographical priorities)

- The official development assistance (ODA) (volume, allocation procedures)

- The involvement of the civil society in programming and implementing ODA

- The relationship with important actors for the development cooperation policy of Romania (the Parliament, the political parties, the Government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

- European debate regarding the allocation of development assistance


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