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Development and Global Education

Development Education is an active learning process, founded on values of solidarity, equality, inclusion and cooperation (DEEEP Definition). It enables people to move from basic awarness of international development priorities and sustainable human development, through understanding of the causes and effects of global issues, to personal involvement and informed actions of European citizens and public institutions. This process takes place mainly in developed countries.


Increasing citizen involvement in any type of process for eradicating poverty  and promoting social justice.

Development Education Thematic areas:

MDGs (The Millennium Development Goals) and now the Sustainable Development Goals, Children’s Rights, Equitable Commerce, Sustainable Development, North-South Relations, Human Rights, Globalization, Economic and Social Rights, Peace and Development, Minority Rights, Racism, Democracy and Governability, Migration, Gender Problems, Multicultural Education, Official Development Assistance, Political and Civil Rights, HIV/AIDS, Food Security, Labor Rights, World Trade Organization, Debts, Financing Strategy for Development Education.

Specific activities:

  • Informing
  • Raising awarness
  • Education
  • Campaign and advocacy
  • Research



Citizens, in general, children, young people, families, communities, students, teachers, academic staff from schools and universities, mass-media actors, community leaders, decision factors (local and national authorities, public institutions), business sector, Civil Society, Trade Unions, celebrities.

Historical background:

The necessity of having Development Education has been expressed in multiple international meetings, and is a need of the EU in order to improve its communication system in relation to its development programmes, and to involve its citizens.

Here is a list of initiatives which have constituted the relevant steps towards an European Strategy on Development Education:

  • The Declaration on Development Policy (The European Consensus)
  • Council Regulation no.1658/98
  • Plan D of the European Commission
  • Council resolution on Strategy on Development Education and Awarness Raising (2001)
  • Maastricht Declaration (2002)
  • Palermo Process (2003)
  • European Conference on Raising Awarness and Development Education for N-S Solidarity

The Development Education Forum (DEF) is one of the main working groups within CONCORD (the European Confederation that represents more than 1,600 NGOs involved in development cooperation). Having representatives from the national and international platforms within CONCORD and also of representatives of Romania and Bulgaria, DEF has expressed a great attention towards the active involvement of Romania in the process of elaboration of the European Strategy of Development Education through the addressed invitation to be part of the Steering Committee. DEF has as main thematic areas: curricula, code of conduct, summer schools, financing, informing and raising awareness strategies.

DEF works in parallel with DEEEP - a project initiated by DEF for its activities related to development education. 


DEEEP - Developing Europeans' Engagement for the Eradication of Global Poverty

GLEN - Global Education Network

Development Education.ie

Global Education Network Europe

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