Federatia Organizatiilor Neguvernamentale pentru Dezvoltare din Romania

CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness - CPDE

The CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness - CPDE is an open platform that unites civil society voices from around the world on the issue of development effectiveness.

CPDE's mission is to promote development effectiveness in all areas of work, both our own and the work of others, including through active engagement with the GPEDC (The Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation), we will be guided by a human rights based approach. In order to develop a strong basis for CSO participation, CPDE works with a strong focus to support country, sub-regional and regional, and sectoral civil society, combining this with the coordinated regional and global work on development effectiveness.

To achieve this, CPDE adheres to the following values: mutual respect, equity and gender equality; accountability to members and peers; and transparency in all decision-making processes and actions. Also, CPDE adheres to the Istanbul Principles for CSO Development Effectiveness.

Since 2013, the Black Sea NGO Forum developed a partnership with CPDE which aims to bring the regional discussions of the Forum in the broader global context of development. In 2013, the Black Sea NGO Forum hosted the election of a Non-EU sub-region representative within CPDE. In 2014, the Black Sea NGO Forum also benefited from CPDE's support in organising a regional consultation on enabling environment for CSOs in the Black Sea Region.

Beginning with 2015, the collaboration between CPDE and the Romanian NGDO Platform - FOND has been strengthened to include annual collaboration for the Black Sea NGO Forum. Moreover, FOND has become a focal point for the Black Sea and the Balkans sub-region (part of the European region within CPDE).

More information about CPDE can be found here. For news related to  CPDE activity in the region, please read the news posted in the CPDE category on the official Black Sea NGO Forum website.

For more information on CPDE's work, please visit http://csopartnership.org.

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