Federatia Organizatiilor Neguvernamentale pentru Dezvoltare din Romania

Black Sea NGO Forum

The Black sea NGO Forum is an open space for debate, knowledge and mutual understanding, communication and cooperation between the representatives of the civil society, the governments and the active nongovernmental organizations within the Black Sea extended region. Ever since from its first edition in 2008, the Forum has reunited more than 800 participants from various domains of activity from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Russia, the Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Ukraine, Romania and other member states of the European union which are active in the Black Sea region.

The 7th edition of the Forum took place for the very first time in another Black Sea region’s state, besides Romania, being organized in December 2014 in Kyiv – Ukraine with the theme: Enabling Environment for CSOs: Towards a Strategy of Civil Society in the Black Sea Region”, and the financial support of the European Commission, of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of the CSO partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE). FOND is the first platform within the region that has organized a debate in the European parliament (June, 2013) on the subject of the cooperation of the civil society in the Black Sea Region.

Starting with 2013, the Forum has managed to attract the support of two relevant partners – the direct support of the European Commission and the support of the CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness international coalition. In 2015, the partnership between FOND and CPDE was consolidated through an annual collaboration in the context of organizing the Black Sea NGO Forum and the representation of the Black Sea Region by FOND within CPDE.  



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