Federatia Organizatiilor Neguvernamentale pentru Dezvoltare din Romania


The General Assembly decides the accession of new members to FOND. The candidate NGOs must fulfill cumulatively the following conditions:

- is active in the field of international development cooperation and human aid and/ or it possesses expertise in at least one of the priority domains within the framework of the development cooperation national strategy;

- operates/ functions within the current Romanian legal framework;

- is not politically affiliated;

- adheres to the FOND goal and objectives;

- pays in advance the membership fee for the current year;

- is transparent and it publicly presents its annual narrative and financial reports.

Necessary steps in order to become a FOND member:

1. Write an e-mail to office@fondromania.org and directly express your interest in becoming a FOND member, by attaching a motivation letter and a CV of the organization you represent, mentioning details such as: the complete address, telephone number, web address.

2. Send a copy of the organization’s statute, the last annual report and financial report of the organization you represent, either in electronic format at office@fondromania.org or by post at following address: Calea 13 Septembrie, Nr. 85, Bl. 77 C, Et. 1, Bucharest, Romania.

3. According to the decision of the General Assembly (in March 2012), the candidate NGOs will pay an accession fee equivalent to the minimum membership fee (50 EUR). After receiving the accession documents, FOND executive team will issue a payment request to the candidate organization.

4. After the tax payment, the application form and the documents will be presented and evaluated by the FOND Board in the following meeting. The members of FOND Board will vote on the adherence of the applicant organisation to the Federation.

5. The final decision will be communicated within 15 days after the decision was taken.


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